92 Yorkies Found Living in Filth Find New Homes, Hoarders Agree to Probation
  • 09.10.2022
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They were living in filth in a California home, and now most of the nearly 100 abused Yorkshire terriers have found furrever loving homes. The new owners are connecting in a Facebook group and many of the dogs are on their way to recovery. Inside Edition caught up with the owner of 12-year-old Yorkie Lucy, who lost her hearing and her teeth.'s Lisa Voyticki ( has more. #InsideEdition

Mini Dachshund bath time
  • 25.08.2022
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Goin' Back to the Vet. Cute & Funny Shih Tzu Dog Video
  • 24.06.2022
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Goin' Back to the Vet - Cute and Funny Shih Tzu Dog Video This funny video is a hilarious way to remember a trip to the vet with your dog. While you may have a dreaded visit, you'll look forward to it. A Shih Tzu dog can be a wonderful pet if you're a dog lover. They are cute and cuddly little dogs. And, if you're in the market for one, you're in luck! A Shih Tzu is known to be very affectionate with children and is great as a family pet. The small size makes them perfect for apartment living and lacking a yard. Although they love to play with children, some do have more extreme behaviors. While some dogs enjoy digging holes or chasing cats, they're generally good with children and make great pets. A Shih Tzu can be a good companion if you're not looking for a 'doggie marathon runner'. A Shih Tzu should be comfortable with people and can't be afraid of strangers. This video will help you bond with your pet and make bath time a fun activity. It will also help you learn a new trick for giving your dog a bath. Providing a bath to a Shih Tzu is a great bonding experience for the two of you. Watching a cute Shih Tzu dog video is sure to put a smile on your face. Shih Tzus are often playful and affectionate dogs. You may have seen Shih Tzus on TV, kicking their legs sideways, or sitting in the lap of a person. They also enjoy playing with toys and greeting visitors. While they aren't the most active of dogs, they will always be happy to greet you and make friends.

Abba And Cleo: And So We Meet Again
  • 24.06.2022
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Abba And Cleo: And So We Meet Again The 90s girl group, Cleo, is returning to the stage after a five-year hiatus. Consisting of three sisters from Moss Side, they reached chart-topping success in 1998. Their hits include Cleopatra's Theme and Life Ain't Easy. Expect to hear their disco favorites and other fan favorites, as well as new songs from the band. ZombieCleo made her return in Season 3, with an elaborate base consisting of a cave that is full of plants and statues of animals. She also built a medieval-style church and a graveyard honey farm. ZombieCleo has many friends in the game, and often battles with ZloyXP of the Hermitcraft Recap.

Shih Tzu Dog makes Baby laugh very happy - Dog Loves Baby Videos
  • 24.06.2022
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Shih Tzu Dog Makes Baby Laugh Very Easily The Shih Tzu Dog makes Baby laugh very happily in this video. This video makes a lot of parents happy as the dog makes their baby very happy. Unlike most dogs, shih tzus can make babies laugh very hard. Here, they demonstrate the benefits of shih tzu dog to babies. Watch the video below. If you love animals, you will surely love shih tzu dog. The Maltese Shih Tzu is a crossbreed between a Shih Tzu and a Maltese. Its short nose does not make babies cry very hard. Its coat is very silky. The Maltese Shih Tzu is also prone to tearstains, but these are more easily hidden in the crossbreed. The Shih Tzu is a sociable dog that will make its owner happy.

The owner left this little baby home alone and she takes care of herself. So smart baby!
  • 23.06.2022
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What Should Parents Do When They Leave Their Children Alone? So, what should the parents do when they leave their little ones alone? Should they leave the child home alone, or should they look after them? In this article, we will look at the two scenarios. In the first scenario, the owner of the child left the baby at home by herself, and the second one is a more common situation. A home owner would leave a child alone in their house while they are gone. If the child is left in the home alone, and the baby doesn't come home, then the owner has left her to take care of herself.

Little Dog And Big Dog Brother Are Inseparable - BIG BEN & TINY TIM | The Dodo
  • 23.06.2022
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The Little Dog And Big Dog Brother Are Inseparable It's been said that the Little Dog and the Big Boy brother are inseparable. This is true, and their bond is as special as their personalities. Both of them have their fair share of quirks. But despite their differences, Ben and Tim share a special connection. They've always been welcoming to each other's foster siblings and are truly inseparable. In the book, Little Boy and Big Brother Are Inseparable, the boys are brothers. Their father, Ben, trains the hound dog to pull the plug on the bathtub and saves them from a tiger. The brothers are inseparable until they get separated. They are best friends and bonded by their love of each other. The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation is an excellent place to support service dogs. The Foundation has a special section for service dogs and focuses on fostering the adoption of these dogs in Pittsburgh. The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation also has events to support charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation and his alma mater, Xavier. One of the most heartwarming moments in this film is when the tiny dog leaps out of its kennel to get an apple from the tree. The larger dog watches, but does not seem to be bothered by the little dog's antics. When they're playing together, both dogs play with toys. The Little Dog And Big Brother Are Inseparable BIG BEN and TINY TIM

Dog Transformation: 2 Shih Tzus Get Haircuts & Baths | The Dodo
  • 22.06.2022
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2 Shih Tzus Get New Haircuts and Baths You may have noticed that some of your Shih Tzus are sporting different haircuts. These short haircuts are often called 'puppy cuts,' and feature a short fur length from the tail to the nose. This cut is great for summer, but is fine for colder months as the coat of these dogs is double-thick, meaning even an inch of fur can keep them warm in chilly weather. These haircuts require a significant amount of grooming, and are often used on dogs that are going to dog shows. They can have long hair, but it can also get into the dog's mouth and make it look dirty. These haircuts are more expensive, so they should only be given to Shih Tzus that will be attending dog shows. In addition to baths, Shih Tzus also need their coats trimmed regularly. The silky coat of a Shih Tzu is one of the breed's most distinguishing features. It flows around the dog like a beautiful silky skirt. Regular brushing and bathing are necessary to prevent matting and tangles. Some owners even clip the dog's fur. This is the main reason these dogs are often called lion dogs. A good haircut will make your dog look and feel like royalty. If you're looking to give your Shih Tzu a stylish new look, consider having it trimmed. Overly dense hair can cause a dog to overheat in the warm weather and can harbor parasites. Plus, it's uncomfortable for the dog when its hair is matted too close to the skin. This new haircut makes the tiny pup look happier. See the before and after photos to get a better idea of what a new hairstyle can do for your dog's look.

Shih Tzu Puppies after the 1st bath
  • 22.06.2022
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How to Bathe Shih Tzu Puppies After the 1st Bath Taking your puppy for its first bath is an exciting time for both you and your dog. It is also important to remember that your dog will have an undercoat, so you should make sure to brush it thoroughly. Rinsing thoroughly is essential, but do not over-rinse. It is okay to leave 5% conditioner in the coat, as it will protect it from a harsh towel. The pH level of a baby shampoo is similar to that of a dog's skin, so it is fine to use as a backup for your puppy's first bath. It's important to remember that baby shampoo is not a substitute for a good quality shampoo, and it can cause damage to your dog's coat and skin. Your Shih Tzu puppy can take their first bath as young as six weeks old. You can bathe your puppy as young as six weeks of age, so make sure the water is warm. Besides, it is important to keep it in a warm room during the bath to keep it warm. Once the bath is finished, you can begin the drying process. After you have rinsed your dog thoroughly, you can begin drying him off by blotting the coat with an absorbent towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing, as this can cause tangles. You can also use a blow dryer on the lowest setting to dry your puppy. Remember to hold the blow dryer several inches away to avoid burning him or drying out his skin. Afterwards, you can use a detangler to help remove loose hair, then you can comb to remove mats that have formed.

The comeback of Chase the Shih Tzu
  • 22.06.2022
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The Comeback of Chase the Shih Tzu If you're a dog lover, you've probably wondered why Chase the Shih Tzu is making such a comeback. Well, the lovable Shih Tzu has come back after years of obscurity. It's time to celebrate the lovable hound's comeback with us. Here are some reasons why! Here's a quick history of the Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus are lovable, loyal and friendly dogs. They tend to bark a lot when first meeting people, but they typically warm up to people quickly. They love to be around children and are great family pets. They enjoy short bursts of play time. But despite their love and loyalty, they need plenty of attention. They live for a long time, anywhere between 10 and 16 years. To prevent health issues and keep the dog happy, it's important to provide exercise. Taking a walk or playing tug of war with your dog is a great way to spend time with them. They'll also get exercise to burn off energy and keep them mentally active. The comeback of Chase the Shih Tzu was an unexpected surprise! Fortunately, there are many benefits to exercising and bonding with your pet. For a light mystery, consider buying Cat Got Your Diamonds by Julie Chase. It's set in the Garden District of New Orleans. Lacy Crocker has returned to New Orleans after a failed engagement, and opens the Furry Godmother, a custom pet boutique with an organic bakery. The shop even sells wedding gowns for guinea pigs and homemade tuna tarts.

Shih Tzu Reacts to His New Haircut
  • 21.06.2022
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How Your Shih Tzu Reacts to His New Haircut When a new haircut is in the works for your Shih Tzu, you might be wondering how your pet will react. Here are some tips to ensure he'll be comfortable and happy with his new haircut. First, start by preparing the hair clipper. After lining the hair clipper with cotton, comb out your Shih Tzu's coat to remove excess fur. Trim the hair in any areas where you see it sticking out. Work your way around the dog's body, focusing on a section at a time. Remember to refrain from trimming your dog's tail, head or ears unless it is completely necessary. Clipper burn will occur when clipping your dog's hair. To alleviate this, you can apply a soothing oint or cream. Depending on your preference, you may choose a different type of cut. You may choose a puppy cut, which keeps the hair short on the head and legs. The shorter hair on the head and face makes the dog's moustache shorter than some Shih Tzus have. Although you can maintain the puppy cut with scissors, a professional should perform the first cut. You can also give your Shih Tzu a short haircut as a way to show off his personality. Once prized lap dogs of Chinese emperors, the Shih Tzu isn't ready to settle for any reduction in status. Its attitude does not translate to arrogance, however. In fact, the Shih Tzu is one of the sweetest and most popular breeds of toy dogs. It is a fun breed to own. Enjoy watching this cute little dog's reactions!

How Shih Tzu Mom teaching her 7 wks old
  • 21.06.2022
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How a 7-Week-Old Shih Tzu Can Learn to Sit and Stay Learning is a natural instinct for the Shih Tzu, and how a 7-week-old puppy can learn to sit and stay, play with toys, and greet visitors are the perfect example. A Shih Tzu's behavior is highly affected by the heat of the day. If the temperature in the room is over 100 degrees, it is best to keep your Shih Tzu in a cool room or a room with a fan. It can suffer from heat exhaustion, so keep an eye on your pup when they are in a hot room. If you have a small puppy, start with the basics, like sit and lie down. These two commands are important for training, as they are foundational for other tricks. You can then use the same formula to teach other tricks, such as sit, lie down, play dead, and more. If you'd prefer to teach a trick with your puppy, use a physical demonstration and reward when it comes. As a parent, it's important to begin grooming your Shih Tzu puppy early on, while it's still a puppy. Make sure to brush your Shih Tzu's coat from head to toe, even the skin. A lot of experienced Shih Tzu owners will teach their puppies to lay down while being groomed, because it's easier and more comfortable for them.

Cute Shih Tzu showing its bum when asked
  • 21.06.2022
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Cute Shih Tzu Showing Its Bum When You Ask It Is your Shih Tzu showing its bum when you ask it? If you do, you may be able to get some laughs from this video. Despite being a distinctly unnatural behavior, your dog is clearly delighted to show off his booty. In this video, Bumblebee is a Shih Tzu who loves to show off his booty. Although this behavior is not natural, it is clearly a response to a request. The Shih Tzu is a small breed originally bred by Chinese royalty and was brought to the United States in the 1930s. They were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969, and their popularity skyrocketed. Their average weight is nine to 16 pounds, and they grow to about 10 1/2 inches in height. Although Shih Tzus are often considered a toy dog, they are bursting with personality. If you suspect that your Shih Tzu is suffering from allergies, a simple skin test can help you determine the trigger. For severe cases of allergies, a vet can prescribe medications like antihistamines or topical creams to reduce swelling. The culprits of the allergic reaction could be inferior quality foods, such as meat, chicken, or dairy products. These ingredients can cause a reaction on your dog's skin. Shih Tzus have protruding eyeballs, so they are prone to eye injuries. They are especially susceptible to punctures and scrapes, and are more likely to suffer serious consequences if they get in a car accident. These injuries can become infected and affect your pet's vision. Make sure your Shih Tzu is seen by a veterinarian right away if you notice any of these signs.

Shihtzu family excited to see daddy!
  • 20.06.2022
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Your Shihtzu Family is Excited to See Daddy! Your Shihtzu family is excited to see Daddy! Hopefully you'll make him feel the same. These two dogs will make you proud and are sure to bring a smile to your face, too. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the newest addition to the family! Let's start by explaining the meaning of Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu breed was originated in China over 1,000 years ago. They were originally bred by Tibetan monks and sent to Chinese emperors as gifts. The Shih Tzu is a sturdy toy breed, weighing nine to 16 pounds. They are known for their silky double coat, which comes in 14 different colors, including black, white, and gray. They may have three different markings, including a tiny white star on the forehead, which is referred to as the "Star of Buddha." The Shih Tzu's undershot bite is a distinctive trait. The lower jaw is slightly larger than the upper, so when they close their mouths, the upper teeth bite inside the lower ones. The Shih Tzu's hair grows in all directions, so you must be sure to groom your dog frequently. Shih Tzus are royal dogs. They carry themselves with great pride and a proud, arrogant gait.

Cutest Shih Tzu Puppy | First Day at Home
  • 20.06.2022
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Is This the Cutest Shih Tzu Puppy I've Ever Seen? If you have a new puppy, you're probably wondering, "Is this the cutest Shih Tzu puppy I've ever seen?" The truth is, it probably is! Even grudging dog observers will be impressed. This type of dog was bred to be friendly and not to guard, hunt, or herd. In fact, this breed is so friendly that it's almost impossible to resist it. Even if your new puppy doesn't seem like the type to be social, it will warm up to you. As the name suggests, a Shih Tzu Pug mix is an adorable crossbreed. This breed is usually between ten and twelve inches tall and weighs anywhere from eleven to sixteen pounds. They have a wide smile and a lovable, comical face, as well as short hair that falls to their chests. Like Shih Tzus, they are available in almost any color and can be either smooth or fuzzy. This breed of dog is a popular crossbreed among poodles of all sizes. It is a small, sturdy breed, and may also provide some benefits of hypoallergenic properties. Shih Tzu puppies are small and easy to manage, making them great apartment dogs. If you're unsure about which breed to get, research the breed and the right source of the puppy. There are plenty of resources online and in your area that will help you find an ethical Shih Tzu breeder. Pug Tzus are happy-go-lucky dogs. They rarely display aggression towards strangers or other dogs, and they will remain loyal to their family no matter what. If you're looking for a dog that is happy, a Pug Tzu might be the best choice. Soak up every minute you can with this adorable pup. You'll never regret adopting one of these adorable puppies.

Shih-tzu puppies love kids!
  • 20.06.2022
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Do Shih-Tzu Puppies Love Kids? If you have a child, you may be wondering if Shih-tzu puppies love kids! There's actually quite a lot of truth to this question. In addition to their love of children, these dogs can be incredibly protective. Listed below are some things you need to keep in mind when taking care of your Shih-tzu puppy. Firstly, always remember that you should never slap or hit your Shih-tzu. While slapping and hitting your puppy aren't necessarily the best solutions, you should try redirecting your child's attention to the toys they are giving you. Another thing to remember is that different dogs have different personalities. Although Shih Tzus are known for their great relationships with children, they should still be properly socialized with children, especially small children. Young children often become overwhelmed by a puppy's energy, and a Shih Tzu puppy is often the only one who can keep up with the high-energy puppy. For this reason, it's important to start early with socialization. One of the best things about these dogs is their small size. They love to play with toys and enjoy greeting visitors. However, their size can make them more vulnerable than their larger cousins. Shih Tzus should always be handled with care and attention, and they shouldn't be pushed too hard. However, they are very playful and can put up with minor jockeying from young kids. This can be a big plus for children.

10 reasons to not have a bulldog!
  • 14.06.2022
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10 Reasons to Not Have a Bulldog If you're looking for a new pet, there are a few things you should know about Bulldogs before you adopt. While they may be fierce and protective of their owners, they are not necessarily aggressive, and they are very affectionate and friendly. In fact, they are very good with children and other pets, and are great with young children and families. There are a few reasons to avoid adopting one, however. Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness. They can be very vocal, and can sit in the middle of a sidewalk to demand attention. They were bred to fight bulls, so they have powerful vocal chords. Even if you're unable to get them to obey your commands, they'll defend you and your family if you're not around. The best way to train your bulldog is to give him short, fun training sessions before meals. During training sessions, always praise your bulldog for good behavior. While Bulldogs are a popular breed in the U.S., they don't make great running partners. They're far too heavy for you, and picking them up is a big challenge. In addition, they tend to be inactive inside the house, preferring to sleep until dinnertime. Bulldogs are great with children, but don't expect them to spend hours running around with you.

Funny Yorkie Tricks and Play Dead!
  • 14.06.2022
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Funny Yorkie Tricks and Play Dead If you have a Yorkie, you have probably noticed that they can do all sorts of funny tricks and play dead. If you have a Yorkie, you can teach him or her to do these tricks as well. These tricks are actually very easy to teach your dog, and you can try it with a few treats to reinforce the command. The key to teaching your yorkie a new trick is repetition. Once you've taught your dog the play dead cue, you can introduce him to a new trick, such as rolling over. Typically, dogs will roll over when they're lured with a treat, so you should be able to lure him to roll over on cue. Using a clicker can help you capture this behavior. Try a soft surface first and gradually increase the number of seconds your dog takes to roll over before rewarding him. Another fun trick for your Yorkie is to play fetch. Try a squeaky toy or a ball that erratically bounces. Your Yorkie will love the Gnawsome ball, which is small enough to fit in his mouth! You can also try using a ball launcher to save your arm from the fun of launching a toy! You can also build your own obstacle course for your Yorkie with sticks, rocks, and other things. One of the most entertaining tricks you can teach your Yorkie is the Flower Waltz. You can learn this by playing the Flower Waltz Record, where you touch your dog's tail and wait for it to flop. Once your dog learns this trick, you can train it to perform the trick by letting him play with your hand or throwing a treat. It is best to practice this trick often as it will make him feel incredibly happy.

Don't Adopt a Chihuahua Because They’re AGGRESSIVE!
  • 14.06.2022
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Don't Adopt a Chihuahua Because They Are Aggressive If you're considering adopting a Chihuahua, you probably want to be sure to look into its aggression levels. Although this breed is not generally aggressive, it may bite people and other animals. This aggression is common among Toy breeds, and it is often caused by a fear of people or situations that are unfamiliar to them. This fear can result in a dog growingling and biting due to forceful actions. Veterinary visits can help to identify the cause of any pain, and provide solutions for any problem behavior. To prevent this, make sure you have a secure place for your chihuahua to roam. Chihuahuas are naturally curious and will squeeze themselves into small spaces. Use a sturdy crate at least twice the size of your home to contain them. Put toys and food dispensers in the crate as a distraction for them. Aggressive dogs will mark territory and chew things. If you're concerned about the safety of your children, you should avoid adopting a Chihuahua. They're not recommended for homes with children under eight years of age. Chihuahuas also require socialization with children of a certain age. Young children shouldn't approach the dog while it's in its puppy stage, as it might jump from its owner's arms and startle them. They're also prone to mistrusting strangers and must be taught friendly greetings.

English Bulldog Puppy Enjoys Belly Rub
  • 13.06.2022
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English Bulldog Puppy Enjoys Belly Rub If your English Bulldog puppy enjoys a belly rub, you are not alone. This adorable breed is extremely affectionate and enjoys being petted. A recent video of an English Bulldog puppy enjoying a belly rub shows just how much this breed loves to be petted! In the video, Peggy is seen standing up on its hind legs and requesting a belly rub! The video shows her giggling and enjoying the experience! An English Bulldog puppy is likely to enjoy a belly rub because it releases oxytocin in the stomach area. English Bulldogs enjoy being petted, and some will even fall asleep on their owners' laps. You can easily notice this behavior when your puppy is laying next to you, holding eye contact for a long period of time. If you find this behavior intimidating, you may wonder if it is a sign of dominance or simply a habit. A CBS News report shows that eye contact can actually be positive for dogs, releasing the hormone oxytocin. While belly rubs may seem like a fun activity for your puppy, you must respect your pup's wishes. Always remember that your dog is a unique individual, so the first few times you give him a belly rub, he or she may not be able to say no. It is also important to remember that not all dogs like the attention, so read their body language to determine which time is best for both of you.